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Hello. This is the preeminent website for fabulously esoteric nonsense. There's an espresso machine in the kitchen that I spent the entire budget on, so please use it.

This collection of spaghetti code works on phones and a whole lot of other stuff!

From the blog

There is an RSS feed, and you can find more blog posts at Hotel Kalefornia (also comes in Gemini)

From the sketchblog

A not-very illuminating look at Ian and Farah's home life.


2022-01-29 » New guestbook (hoping to revive the old ask box in some form eventually)

2022-01-22 » Began overhaul of character pages

2022-12-02 » Code snippets updated

2022-12-01 » Added winter stylesheet and seasonal stylesheet archive

2022-10-30 » Code snippets updated

2022-10-02 » Every stylesheet toggles between light and dark mode automatically based on device settings now

2022-09-25 » Happy autumn equinox! Added autumn stylesheet.

2022-09-14 » Added jukebox

2022-09-09 » Complete overhaul of layout page

2022-09-05 » Added a sketchblog update box (you know, to prove that I actually draw things...)

2022-08-18 » Arknights Library is live

2022-08-12 » Complete overhaul of the art gallery

2022-08-08 » Condensed what was previously the ask box and guestbook into one form on the contact page

2022-07-24 » Complete website redesign for reasons known only to... well, not me!

2022-06-23 » Layouts updated

2022-06-05 » Updated Creature Features to display images under a button

2022-04-24 » Added code snippet page

2022-04-11 » Had the update box, got rid of the update box, now the update box is back. Added OC page

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