This website

I originally futzed around with website design as a wee lad from about 2009-2014. I was inspired by the glut of Pokemon fansites floating around the internet at the time, and my dad stupidly allowed me to use our family's web hosting (and, eventually, my own domain) to host my silly pet project. Here are some old homepages that I salvaged:

I had a few blogging projects afterward, but they were all rather short-lived because I pigeonholed myself into niches every time. Fortunately, I've learned that I cannot be trusted with a single-topic website, and so I created this amalgamation in March 2022.

You are free to poke around the source code of this website and take whatever you'd like, although it might be inscrutable because I wrote it thinking I would be the only one looking at it. However, I do my best to make neater and better-documented code available - see layouts and code snippets.

Me, the person(?)

I am a creature with the common name of Kale. I'm a grad student residing on unceded Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute land, currently known as Colorado. Nominally, I study math, but I am also a real-life credentialed biologist because somehow my undergraduate institution decided I was fit to be released into the wild with degrees in both.

Hablo español!

For more completely useless information on me and my interests, refer to these userboxes.


  • Watching critically and financially unsuccessful movies (and usually enjoying them)
  • Using automated marketing emails to go window shopping
  • Watching video essays about the history of bread
  • Spending 20 minutes watching the same insect


  • Better than average at Minesweeper
  • Knowing surface-level trivia that takes me 3-5 business days to remember
  • Speedrunning learning how to make or fix things so I don't have to spend money on them
  • Identifying obscure percussion instruments in songs
Characters I like
Ritsuko Akizuki (Idolmaster) Lisa Yadomaru (Bleach) Bayonetta Sakyo Furuichi (A3) Gnosis (Arknights) Umi Sonoda (Love Live) Roark (Pokemon) Artemis (Hades)
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