Accessibility Statement

I do my best to make this website as accessible as I can. This is an area of constant improvement, so if you think I've missed something or if something isn't working like I think it is, please let me know.


Things I have

Code and compatibility

This website:

  • Is mobile-optimized and works on all screen resolutions.
  • Uses HTML5 and the aria-label tag to structure content.
  • Uses system fonts.
  • Doesn't require Javascript to function correctly.

Visual (Design and images)

  • There are multiple stylesheets, each of which has built-in dark and light mode. The styleswitcher is the one part of the website that unavoidably requires Javascript, but if Javascript isn't enabled, the page design will default to plain. The light/dark mode toggle doesn't use Javascript, however.
  • In blog posts, I include image information in the surrounding text and caption instead of as alt text. This allows all users to access the information, regardless of whether they're using a screen reader. Because of this, I won't assign alt text to the image if I think the textual context makes it redundant, or if the image doesn't serve noncosmetic purposes (which is virtually all the time).
  • I resize images to be as small as possible while still serving their purpose. I also compress them with TinyPNG.
  • I don't use GIFs. The one exception is the buttons on the links page, but there are no rapidly flashing images.
  • On character pages, I'm working on providing written descriptions of character appearances. Character image galleries are on their own page.


  • Blog posts (and probably other pages) are compatible with browser Reader Mode functions.
  • The font size is relatively large and printed in plain serif (headings) or sans serif (body text). The website displays correctly with browser zoom.
  • Font and link colors pass contrast checks. Additionally, links found in the middle of paragraphs are underlined. Links in lists that are composed exclusively of links aren't underlined. I never use color by itself to convey information.
  • I try to break paragraphs up frequently to avoid giant walls of text.

Things to be addressed

  • Image descriptions still need to be added on image-centric pages (see art gallery and character pages). I'm still trying to learn how to write good descriptions for drawings.