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What the heck is a Creature Feature?

Creature Features are a very thinly-veiled way for me to proselytize share facts about animals (and plants... and fungi... and protists... and bacteria... uh...) that I like, which is all of them. I wade through the trenches of academia to write them, but I try to present the information in a way that's (hopefully) easier to read and engaging.

You have to click a button like this one to see images; I think reading cool facts about critters can help you feel less afraid of them, but that doesn't really make sense if you have to actually see the offender. This is a blanket policy because deciding which things to hide would be difficult and arbitrary, so that's why you'll also see stuff like trees hidden.

I have A List of future creatures to write about. If you have a request for something to be added to The List, please send me an email or drop it in the ask box.

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