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This is an analogue to the ask boxes on Tumblr, i.e. it's not strictly for questions. You can also use it for hate mail, jazz album recommendations, soup recipes, pictures of arthropods, etc. It doesn't take files for security reasons, but if you'd like to send a picture, you can include the URL.

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I got this idea from Marissa!


(this ask box is cool as hell, how'd you do it)?
what is the most terrifying animal fact you know?

Nat 04/27/2022

Oh boy, a two-parter. Strap in!

Contact forms cannot be done with the tools (HTML/CSS/JS) that Neocities allows, so if your website is hosted here, you will need something else to process form inputs for you. If you use a host that has PHP support, coding a form is fairly easy and there are oodles of tutorials that will show you how to do it.

But back to how I made this ask box on this particular website. The service that I'm using to process my inputs is Formspree. There are plenty of similar services out there; the gist is that the only thing the website does is collect the input from your form and beam it to your email.

To address the second part of your question, I'm bad with superlatives, but a terrifying animal fact that comes to mind is that spiny mice (genus Acomys) have skin that tears off when they're grabbed. It does not require a lot of tension for this to happen. The mice will come out fine. If you happen to witness this, your dreams may not. If you'd like to read more about it, you can check out Seifert et al. (2012), but be aware that there is an image of a partially skinless mouse on there.

#science #website

Your 'sitemap' link does not go anywhere. I apologise if you know this already, I just thought I'd want to know.

Anonymous 04/24/2022

I am aware! I've been trying to get it to format correctly, so I haven't actually uploaded it yet (the link is just there to remind me to get it done eventually, lol). Thanks for letting me know anyway!

Note: As of April 25, the sitemap should be working properly.


You said Ian will eat anything, but does he have a favorite food?

Anonymous 04/18/2022

He likes ropa vieja (a Latin American dish made with flank steak) and just about any fish dish that's well-seasoned. He doesn't get a whole lot of either these days because raw meat is vastly more efficient in terms of prep time. (Life hack: Eating raw meat while it's still wrapped in butcher paper is basically the same thing as eating a burrito.)


How would you decorate your dream home?

Anonymous 04/17/2022

What a horrific question! But since you asked, here is a nebulous collection of design ideas that I certainly have not spent too much time thinking about.

I wouldn't call myself a maximalist because too much stuff going on prevents me from thinking, but I can have a bit of clutter as a treat. I love the look of a wall covered in art; I've already been amassing prints from local artists in preparation, although most of them have yet to be framed. I'm partial towards plant and animal illustration, but I also enjoy horror and anatomical illustration. Pinned bugs, too. I also like off-key knicknacks. I dream of owning a talking fish plaque. I also really like frog ceramics.

In terms of color, the place would be green. Very green. I've always wanted a room with olive walls, specifically a really rich olive. In the kitchen, green counters. (I saw those on a house on HGTV once and they haunt my dreams.) Besides green, I very much like brown, maroon, and mustard, so those would make appearances as accent colors. Green is a neutral.

I don't feel super strongly about furniture, but bookshelves are mandatory. Really big bookshelves, and then an important-looking old man chair to sit in to read the books. I would also like a really nice refurbished desk. Oh, and a really comfy couch (preferably also green) with a really comfy blanket!

Last but not least, the plants. Ideally, more of them. A lot more. I already have plans to build a little greenhouse cabinet to put the high-humidity plants in if I stay in Colorado, and I would really love to hang them everywhere. A whole wall would be super cool. It is mildly terrifying to think about what I'd do without the constraints I have at the moment.

Or, if you didn't want to read all that, my Animal Crossing house might get the point across more succinctly:

Animal Crossing house


Is a taco a sandwich?

Anonymous 04/17/2022

No, a tortilla as it's used in tacos (hard or soft) doesn't count as bread substitute.

However, I would consider a quesadilla where 2 tortillas are used as a sandwich-adjacent food item, though not a sandwich in the strict sense. I would also consider arepas (stuffed, or with 2 used to contain fillings) sandwich-adjacent:

Stuffed arepa

I think using 2 is a bit unorthodox in most places, but it's done in Panama sometimes. This is beyond the scope of this question, but I'm hungry.


Is hot dog sandwich?

Naila 04/16/2022

Yes, otherwise a hoagie wouldn't be a sandwich. Meat in a bread roll is a sandwich.