Like many other people on the internet nowadays, I have email! You can email me at k [at] kalechips [dot] net, and here's my PGP key (more information on PGP keys). Alternatively, you can publish a comment in the guestbook below.

If you want your own guestbook like this, my code is available for public use!

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Really fun site to poke around! I used your listfauxgraphy code for one of my pages and love the look of it. Thank you! :3

Milk, December 28, 2023

Thanks! I took a look at that page and I love what you did with it, so thanks for showing it to me!

I read through your site and I really appreciate your blog posts on accessibility. I've been slowly trying to make my personal website more accessible, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and resources publicly. I also really like the clean simplicity of your website. I hope you're having a nice day!

Semper, December 26, 2023

Thank you! I've been a lurker fan of your website for a while, so I appreciate hearing that.

Hello! I love your site a lot! I've been checking out your tutorials and trying (and failing in some) to apply that to my own site, I wish I can make mines as good as yours!

Santiago, November 23, 2023

What a nice message, thank you! It takes some practice to figure some of the harder stuff out, so keep at it. My emails are always open if you need help!

havent explored your site much yet - will do that! - but your styleswitcher code is genuinely a wholeass GODSEND (found it upon someone i follow on neocities having taken it into use too)

sneek, November 04, 2023

Thanks for writing in. Happy to hear the styleswitcher code is helpful for you!

Hello there, Kale! Not long ago I learned about the font Atkinson Hyperlegible, and soon after that I happily chanced upon your site. I love your elegant design (in all the colours) and particularly enjoyed the tape effect tutorial, Listfauxgraphy (as a fellow Listography user), and pen reviews. Plus it's probably the first time I read about someone stating they like an irregular time signature on their about page. Hope you don't mind that I added your button on my page.

Rini, November 01, 2023

Thanks for such a nice message! You're the second person to comment on the time signatures. I think it's really great what you're doing with your website. I will watch it closely :-)

I saw your static gallery generator and I'm planning on using it for my site!

dendrobium, September 30, 2023

Super! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

I've added your button to my site. Feel free to link back if you'd like. I've enjoyed reading your blog posts/articles!

Mooeena, September 11, 2023

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

i like the bugs

Catfood, September 07, 2023

I am pleased you like the bugs.

Are you thinking of php tutorials in the future? You link a few and I'm trying to learn it myself.

Fern, September 05, 2023

That's the plan! There's a lot of PHP code I'd like to publish once I can clean it up, at which point I think I'd feel good enough to do some tutorials.

Just a traveler passing through! Stumbled here using marginalia after a few clicks.

Alduis, September 04, 2023

Oh, cool - thanks for stopping by and leaving a message! I always enjoy learning how people got here.