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You're absolutely right about the weird twitter like popularity contest thing in regards to the neocities community. I've been thinking of leaving the platform because of that as well honestly, I feel like I'm too old to be there. And also to have an actual back-end lol. I've added your rss feed and I'm looking forwards to your updates as always!

Cabbage, August 29, 2022

Yay, someone's using my RSS feed! I definitely recommend checking out another host if you feel constrained by Neocities. There are a lot of good free options out there if you're willing to do some weeding...

Thank you for your lovely comment in my guestbook. It's a real compliment coming from such a talented artist. Your site is beautiful and your art is absolutely stunning!

Louie, August 23, 2022

You're too kind, thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

love good accessibility rant :)

patchworkofshadows, August 21, 2022

Thank you! I'm really blown away by the response it's gotten.

i love new layout, it looks so old-school but it's still modern. colors are great, plant motif in sidebar too

Devon, August 9, 2022

Thank you! I'm pleased that it's still obvious I learned HTML in 2009.

Your site is always so cozy and visually pleasing! Kinda makes me want to figure out how to do the multiple-theme-options thing...

Mika, August 8, 2022

Thank you! I like the word cozy being associated with my website. Makes me feel the warm fuzzies. I love your website design as well!

Also, I was thinking of making a tutorial for the styleswitcher, so your feedback is noted!

Hi! Thanks for dropping a follow on my website! I like your OCs; they seem really cool. I also love the name of "Small Nondescript American City." It gave a good chuckle :D

(¡Y hablo español un poquito tambien! Aprendí algun en escuela jaja.)

MisterIndependent, August 7, 2022

Thank you! The math part of my brain loves your website name. Also re: Small Nondescript American City, I'm thrilled someone else thought that was as funny as I did.

Your site is incredible. Such a fun design. The change style is such a nice touch. So many intriguing links. Your art is fantastic. *chefs kiss*

Sheep, August 6, 2022

Thanks for the kind words! I think your art style is super cool and unique, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

Thank you so much for leaving a message in my guestbook and dropping me a link! I've linked your site back and am having a wonderful time browsing through it. I hope you don't mind if I add your layouts to my resources page, too? Love what you're doing here 100%! Keep it up!

Aywren, June 14, 2022

Thanks! I don't mind at all. I actually think it's flattering that you find them worthy of linking to.

i couldn't NOT gush about the gouache piece from 2017 that you uploaded. it. is. GORGEOUS. many people struggle to figure out a palette for darker skins, but you've nailed it. i could stare at this all day. would you be interested in showing the altered version? gold detailing must take it to a whole other level.

Jesuisordure, June 12, 2022

You're too kind! The detailing is actually blue to match the paint underneath. I'll get around to posting a picture at an angle so you can see the metallic finish better.

I really like your site! Also big thanks for linking the article about the use of "queer" as a slur. I think it really nicely sums up how I feel about it tbh.

Ben, June 11, 2022

Thank you! I'm glad the article was useful to you (that's why I like sharing them)!

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