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Thanks for the follow on Neocities! Your website is really nice. It's always good to see another webmaster who cares about responsive and accessible web design. I just linked to your site on my site's links page and added a Skip to content button to my site based on your code.

Your accessible hamburger menu provided the solution to my problem with trying to make an accessible hamburger menu that does not need JS to perform its basic functionality. I remade my site's navigation hamburger menu for mobile based on your accessible hamburger menu code.

Leilukin, May 28, 2024

Thanks and likewise! Also happy to hear the skip button and burger codes were useful.

hello! first, i love your site. second, i just read your list of web hosts and wanted to say you might consider including ichi? ( I use it for one of my sites (as you can see) and I think it's cool. Have a nice day/night

mei, April 13, 2024

I am familiar with but forgot to add it to the list. Thank you!

Hello! I stumbled upon your website from Responsive Web Directory, which I stumbled upon from...somewhere else I don't remember. Your website is cool, I love the simplicity and all the helpful resources. I love your attention to responsiveness and accessibility! I'm really into responsiveness myself, though I'm still working in the accessibility part. I'm currently using your Listfauxgraphy and Guestbook codes, which I love a lot, thank you very much for that! Thanks for the Arknights fanlisting too, I'm so happy to finally found it! (By the way, I'm the one who commented on being interested in PHP version of better image gallery before but I forgot to put my website haha.)

Aiko, April 07, 2024

This is so sweet, thank you! I'm glad you've found so many things useful and are interested in the image gallery code. I love what you did with your Listfauxgraphy page!

hello, i like your website design

oerrorpage, April 03, 2024

Thank you!

I came by this site looking for a working webring script, but I found so much more. Great site!

Lala, March 20, 2024

Thank you! I swear I am working on having a working webring script in addition to all of the other stuff.

About to go onto a deep dive of your site and capsule but I got lured in by the fun tone and muted palette and was like hold up. a plethora of topics that interest me! so here I am

hatch, March 12, 2024

Thank you! I am always glad to hear from people who can't resist the siren song of a good muted color palette.

your site is beautiful ! i love your care for responsive design :]

Xalli, March 11, 2024

Thanks! Responsive design has sort of become my Brand TM around here.

hey thanks for the follow! I love your responsive directory. I gotta check more of your site soon :)

klug, March 05, 2024

Thanks! I love that you use RStudio/RMD to generate your site. I enjoy messing around with the RMD site generator but have not made anything remotely close to production quality.

Hi there, just stopping by to let you know that this is a very nice website you have there. Also, I hope you don't mind that I've included it in a brand new directory site I'm building over at :) Cheers!

Tom, February 19, 2024

Thanks and thanks! I love websurfing, so I think your directory is a great idea.

This site is so cool ur theme switcher really helped me understanding how to make it myself

Alia, January 30, 2024

Super! Thank you!