For better or worse, you've found my blog and mess of a personal website. I use it to write about esoteric things and dump my garbage. I hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't, you can leave me hate mail here.

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2022-08-12 » Complete overhaul of the art gallery, which is now located here

2022-08-08 » Condensed what was previously the ask box and guestbook into one form on the contact page

2022-08-02 » Opened tip jar

2022-07-24 » Complete website redesign for reasons known only to... well, not me!

2022-07-07 » Art updated

2022-06-26 » The website now relies very minimally on Javascript thanks to Vegetablearian's Python compiler

2022-06-23 » Layouts updated

2022-06-13 » Layouts updated

2022-06-06 » I bought a domain. URLs are now mercifully shorter.

2022-06-05 » Updated Creature Features to display images under a button

2022-05-27 » Added cross stitch page

2022-05-25 » This website uses HTML5 now!

2022-05-22 » Layouts updated

2022-04-29 » Ask box updated

2022-04-25 » Added sitemap and gouache page

2022-04-24 » Added code snippet page

2022-04-14 » Added ask box and put it and the guestbook on contact page

2022-04-11 » Had the update box, got rid of the update box, now the update box is back. Added OC page

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