Hey, looks like you came across Silver's graphics site of DOOM, Haphazard! I offer hideous I mean, lovely graphics for your use. If you really feel nice, post a comment in the tagboard (cbox, shoutbox, whatever)! Enjoy your stay and thanks for visiting.

This is the first layout of Haphazard featuring Shinx & Luxray from Pokémon and Rin & Len Kagamine from VOCALOID 2. It's compatible in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox in a fairly large screen resolution.

1/13/11: Off to see the wizard

Silver Random title, lol.
Sooo, I've attempted to add some content but it's not working out too well, all my stuff looks as ugly as fu--um, ugly. I did, however, add that premade I promised! Go check that out.
Actually after making that premade I realised how freaking fun making layouts is, so yeah, expect more!
I've been gradually adding some icons, but I can't find the motivation to make a huge batch right now so just keep checking. And checking. And so on.
Another thing, the site birthday is in February! As well as Haphazard's, Kokoro's birthday is in February too!
Man, it's amazing how much this thing has been through. It's been beaten, battered, bruised, abandoned in the cold, flamed, dead, brought back to life, moved countless times...man. Good times, good times.
Well it's almost 9 and me mum is going to come and yell at me any minute now so I'd better wrap this thing up quickly. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD N---wait, it's not Christmas.

1/8/11: Nice bananas

Silver Okay so it's decided! I'm gonna make a layouts section, just to keep myself from changing layouts so much haha. I'm starting on one right now. No, I'm not telling you what it is; it's a surprise!
Also I added this popup thing to the navigation because it's just easier to edit the javascript instead of tons of seperate pages for me, and it looks nice anyways.
Ah. I also got a new link exchange! Welcome Seromi from Hoshi no Tamashi!
Hoshi no TamashiHoshi no TamashiHoshi no TamashiHoshi no Tamashi
Seriously go check her out, Seromi is really cool and I love her writing!
Well I'm off to finish up my wonderful little premade for you guys. Hasta la vista!

1/3/11: All pages are up

Silver Wah I finished putting up all the pages and whatnot! I'm so proud of myself.
As I promised, I come bearing updates! 15 new icons, all of them Axis Powers:Hetalia
Okay, yes, I'm quite biased towards the series but Pixiv has heaps of pretty fanart of it. HEAPS of it.
Anyways as the title states, all of the pages are done and should function! If you encounter a broken link or something, there's a contact form here to report any errors. Ah, and don't worry about the "About" link being broken, I'm writing the page now...
Also, I think I might add layouts later down the road, since I seem to enjoy making them. And maybe if I do I won't keep changing layouts every 5 seconds! Hoorah!

1/2/11: Almost finished


I'm just about finishing the pages now and I'll link to them in the navigation soon. I'm sending messages to all of my affiliates and link exchanges right now notifying them of the move so they can change my link. I also put up a Moved message on the old page for other visitors.

1/1/11: Yeah!

SilverYes finally I'm DONE with this thing, just in time for New Year's! The layout took me all day to complete, ugh.
I need to get the pages up but I'll do that tomorrow because I'm tired from all the work.
I made some new pretty things too which include some icons and a new PSD, but you have to wait 'till tomorrow for that~!

Anyways how were you guys' New Year's? I just stayed up until midnight watching the celebration in New York on television. It's too cold for fireworks up here, yup.
Before I go don't forget to visit my blog! Now I need to stop typing as my fingers are typed out. Happy twenty eleven!

Haphazard © 2011 — present Silver
Art © Pechika@Pixiv, extracted by Artistique
Pokémon and VOCALOID © respective owners
Brushes&Pattern from Brusheezy
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