Hey there!

Hello, tiny mortals! Welcome to Silver's little corner on the web, The Sky Pillar. We're stuffed chock-full of free goodies and resources, plus a little of my work and service thrown in there too. Got questions? You can always contact me. If I've got help, I'm willing to give it. If you have comments, feel free to tell me! I'll still be here.

Well, um...

Hello there! I'm working my behind off here, so excuse me. I'm getting the FAQ page up soon, so...Well, uh...really brief update, so goodbye!
Silver, 11/4/2010


Another layout change! Haha. This probably doesn't look like something big, but it is. In fact, this is one of the first times I've managed not to make a Kingdom Hearts based layout! Woohoo! Also, this is the simplest layout I've made so far. I only used 5 brushes in the entire banner! Yay for Silver! -shot- Oh, and my monitor is fixed for now. My dad gave me his until we get a new one. Yay! Talk to you guys later, kay? Bye!
Silver, 9/4/2010