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New layout...AND OPEN HIATUS!

written by Silver_Lugia on 24th October, 2009

Well, yes. It's the new layout. Spiffeh, isn't it? Nice to take a break from the usual 3-column layout.
Please tell me if hover work in the shoutbox please. I used Katya's tutorial for it. And if the links show up. If the colours don't work, I'll change them ASAP!!!! And we are still on open hiatus, yep. BUT I'm still taking affy requests! ^^ Plus, the Advent of Arceus is dawning on us. It'll be here in only a few weeks! :D So mark your calendars. Arceus isn't the only one coming, though...The Fourth Apprentice will be here in about a month. :3 Yay! Speaking of which, IceArceus and I are making this collaboration thing. She's writing her own Warriors fanfic with our made up clan, ColdClan, and I'm going to direct the art for it and make a manga for it. Kinda like the actual Warriors series, eh? I can't say when it will be up yet as she is still typing up the first chapter. It will be soon, I hope. Well, that's all I have to say for now so toodles! ^^



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