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Learn stuff



  • Art Tutorial for the Intermediate Painter
  • Guidance for people who have already been painting for a while and want to learn more.

  • Devin Elle Kurtz
  • Pay-what-you-want brushes and digital art video tutorials.

  • Hex Kit
  • A program for making your own maps for tabletop games or worldbuilding.

  • James Gurney
  • Paint-along videos, tutorials, and insights on painting. Gurney paints in gouache, but his advice applies across media.

  • Posemaniacs
  • An online library of 3D pose models.

  • Softcover Coptic bookbinding
  • A guide adapting the Coptic bookbinding method for softcover books.

  • Watercolour World
  • A massive gallery of watercolor paintings, many of which are tagged with the location in which they were painted.

Citizen science


Databases and encyclopedias

Home economics

Life sciences

  • An Atlas of Insect Morphology
  • An illustrated textbook about insect morphology for entomologists (and aspiring entomologists).

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • A free digital library of public-domain biodiversity literature and illustrations.

  • The Cockroach Homepage
  • Troves of literature and information about cockroaches.

  • Crab Database
  • Crabs! There are so many.

  • Creatures of the Deep
  • A lovingly-illustrated database of deep sea animals.

  • EBird
  • The Cornell ornithology database for birds across the world.

  • Featherbase
  • A tool for identifying birds by their feathers.

  • Insect Identification
  • A database of North American insects and arachnids, categorized by color, location, and taxonomy to help you identify them.

  • Merlin Bird ID
  • A phone app that helps you identify the birds around you by sound, photo, or description.

  • Wildflower Search
  • Helps you identify wildflowers using their location, color, shape and time of year.


  • Calculus Made Easy
  • A classic book with an approach to calculus you might not have seen before. And it's available for free online!

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