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Tech resources

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Browser tools

  • This is definitely not a tool for evading website paywalls.

  • Bit font maker
  • Make your own pixel fonts.

  • Breeze Wiki
  • A website that will unfuck any Wikia ( page so you can actually read it.

  • Online flowchart generator.

  • Guerilla Mail
  • Stop giving out your email address to annoying services - use a disposable one!

  • Marginalia search engine
  • A search engine that prioritizes obscure text-based content.

  • News Literacy Quiz
  • Should you really share that article?

  • Scihub
  • This is definitely not a tool for evading academic journal paywalls.

  • Simple opt-out
  • Easily opt out of data sharing from different services.


  • 7zip (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • A free open-source file archiver.

  • Deskspace (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • A simple self-care desktop program with reminders, a to-do list, mood tracker, and a function that reminds you to take breaks.

  • LibreOffice (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)
  • Open-source office alternative.

  • OneTab (Firefox extension)
  • An extension that collapses all the tabs you have open into a list for later.

  • Switching.Software
  • A resource for switching to open-source versions of commonly-used programs.

  • Tape (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • A simple to-do list program.


  • Awesome Selfhosted
  • A list of things you can host on your own website or web server.

  • Bear Blog
  • A free, simple, privacy-oriented blogging service.

  • Comic Control
  • A PHP-based content management system for comics (a lightweight alternative to Wordpress/ComicsPress).

  • Chyrp Lite
  • A lightweight PHP blogging engine. Has post types like Tumblr.

  • Glitch
  • A free host for small web projects.

  • Interneting is Hard
  • An illustrated guide to HTML and CSS.

  • Mozilla developer docs
  • Reference books for HTML, CSS, Javascript, HTTP, and common web APIs.

  • Mozilla Observatory
  • Checks your website for security vulnerabilities.

  • Responsive design overview
  • A summary of best practices for responsive websites.

  • Smol.Pub
  • A free text-based, privacy-oriented blogging service. Blogs can be accessed through HTTP, Gemini, and Gopher.

  • Static Site Generators
  • A list of static site generators, tagged by language.

  • Web host lists
  • A list of web hosting options for small websites.

  • W3 Schools
  • Coding reference library with examples and tutorials (not just for web design, either).

  • Zoner
  • A static generator for Javascript-free Zonelets-system blogs.

Web design

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