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I don't agree with everything on every website listed here. Obviously, it is impossible for my views to be wholly the same as anyone else's, but it's worth noting that a significant portion of the following websites contain content I disagree with (sometimes vehemently). And that's great! Those websites have given me things to think about and added nuance to my opinions, even if we continue disagreeing. I hope you find stuff you disagree with too.

That being said, I have no interest in platforming any flavor of right-wing reactionary. If your link has disappeared from this page, either I made a mistake or you did something that didn't sit right with me (because I actually read websites instead of linking them because they're cute). I don't care whether you self-identify as a right-wing reactionary.

If I have removed your link but you have mine up, you're welcome to treat me in kind. I'm not in the business of transactional linkage, so it doesn't matter to me. I probably didn't notice you had me linked in the first place.

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