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May 2024: Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

A few months ago, I removed my archive of newsletters from my blog because they were pushing off the more legitimate posts, and I wasn't really sure about the purpose they were serving. But now they're back, in their own little box with a layout that I spent an unreasonable amount of time on!

The new newsletters (new-sletters, if you will) will have more of an emphasis on links out because other people are doing more interesting things than I ever will, and I think the practice of linking to specific things (with context) rather than entire websites is incredibly underrated.

Before we get into it: two groups with boots on the ground in Palestine are Palestine Children's Relief Fund and Medical Aid for Palestinians. Consider supporting them (or other aid organizations) if you're able.

Stuff from here

I blacked out for the first half of May because the school year was completely steamrolling me with work as it ended. It ended, I survived, angry parents didn't throw tomatoes at me, and now I have some time to do fun things again.

I did have time to fire off a few blog posts, so here those are in convenient list format:

I've been spending my limited free time doing craft stuff that I will get around to writing about at some point. I will continue doing silly crafts, but I also have my eye on knocking out some overdue code projects this summer.

Also, Salad Magazine published its second issue in April! There's some good stuff in there, so you should go check that out if you missed it. And consider submitting for the next issue, which goes live in July!

Stuff from there

These dreamy photos of historical Cairo will transport you to another time (NPR) - A showcase of some really incredible photography from Egyptian artist Nour El Massry. It seems like the popular view these days is that editing photography makes it illegitimate, so I always enjoy it when photographers openly utilize photo manipulation in their work.

Willingham sends Fables into the public domain (These Foolish Games) - Bill Willingham has some great thoughts about the clusterfuck that is copyright, including a suggestion for reform that I can get behind despite not believing in the legitimacy of intellectual property.

The next Assassin's Creed was announced and everyone acted normal (Captain Astronaut) - Can gamers emotionally handle seeing a black person in yet another game? (No.) Captain Astronaut continues to be one of the few game media Youtubers that I can tolerate, and one of even fewer that I actually like.

Godzilla Chronicles (Divergent Rays) - I love Godzilla as an idea but have not gotten around to actually watching any of the 20th century Godzilla movies. For now, I will live vicariously through Divergent Rays and her amazingly in-depth viewing log.

Elle Tennyson, the queen of bleach and Diamine (Fountain Pen Ink Art) - I've only recently learned about the cool artsy stuff you can do with fountain pen ink, so seeing how people are using it has been illuminating. Knowing me, it's only a matter of time before I start going to town with bleach.

The Kalemkes Scorpion is the perfect pen for distracting someone while you reach for the lever that opens the trapdoor to your shark tank (Extra Fine Writing) - This is the best pen I've ever seen and I'm pissed that I don't have one.

Evolve (Owl's Roost) - I still haven't figured out creative writing, so I'm always amazed by people who do a good job at it. I like how the stream-of-consciousness feel of this piece adds to its overall thesis.

In search of the non-motif (James Gurney) - More great paintings and insight from our lord and savior James Gurney. I've never been a fan of the way we glorify "untouched nature," but I didn't think about how this attitude permeates into art as well. Let's go paint some trash!

Psychic Fever - Just Like Dat (The First Take) - I derive an unreasonable amount of enjoyment from First Take videos, and I've found a lot of new artists that way. That is the case for Psychic Fever, and I'm super into them despite not being anywhere near their target audience. It's pure 2000s American boy band material, but it's in Japanese! I'm in! And I can always appreciate Asian pop music that riffs on hip-hop without being super weird and racist about it.

Camera roll

Image description: A photo taken in Rocky Mountain National Park showing a snowcapped Longs Peak underneath an overcast sky. There is a mountain slope covered in snow and trees in front of it. Pine branches in the foreground create a window that frames the mountains in the background.

I went to Rocky Mountain National Park earlier this month. We had just come off of a week of gnarly storms, so a lot of the park was closed off, but it was mostly dry in the lower well-tread areas. The mountains are unseasonably snowy for this time of year!

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