Farah Said
Isopod monster
April 6

  • Sweets
  • Card games
  • Superhero movies
  • Being talked down to
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Getting up early


Farah's parents died when she was 10. Her older brother had been looking after her, but he went out to get food one evening and never returned. It's been a few months since then, and she's been trying to find him while fending for herself.

She's very friendly and charismatic; she can get along with just about anyone, which is great when she needs to get free meals. Her improvisation skills are excellent, and she's good at talking or charming her way out of most sticky situations she finds herself in. Although she's usually rather good-natured, she's also very assertive and has very little tolerance for verbal abuse. She can be painfully sassy if she feels the situation calls for it.

She is stubborn to a fault, and it's nearly impossible to get her to quit once she puts her mind to something. She thinks she'll find success eventually if she works hard enough, regardless of any factors out of her control. She generally regards people who aren't willing to go to this extreme as quitters. As a result, if things don't go her way, she's unreasonably hard on herself, even if it was entirely due to luck or unforeseen circumstances.

Because the past few years of her life have been so unstable, she hasn't had the opportunity to make any friends, and the loss of her family has left her without anyone to turn to. She's lonely, but it's hard for her to trust anyone when misplaced trust could have catastrophic consequences. She's devoted herself to finding her brother, hoping his return will bring back some normalcy.


  • She has legitimate skills in most card games, but she's also very good at cheating without being caught.
  • Her family is Egyptian.
  • She can breathe underwater for short durations (longer than a human can, but she still needs to come up for air after about 10 minutes).
  • Hell hath no fury like Farah when she sees you swatting at a bug.


Farah wasn't particularly chummy with her brother until their parents died. They got along as well as siblings with a 5 year age difference could, but usually kept each other at arm's length. After the deaths of their parents, they got much more comfortable with each other out of necessity. Farah was devastated when he went missing, but she's convinced he's out there somewhere.

She doesn't buy into his tough guy gimmick and has no issues calling him out on his shit, but she also views him as her second brother. However, this will not stop her from headbutting him when he annoys her, which is often.

Design notes

Reference sheet
  • She has a cafe au lait birthmark across the right side of her face.
  • When she gets angry or annoyed, her horns pop out of her head. The horns are orange.
  • Most of her clothes are taken from her brother, so they're several sizes too big on her. She likes cute clothes, but replacing an entire wardrobe isn't exactly feasible for a 14 year old.
  • She cuts her own hair and often forgets to brush it.
  • She never takes her bracelets off because her brother made them. (I draw them extremely lazily most of the time, but they're those embroidery floss friendship bracelets.)
  • She is roughly the size of a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Her visual traits are based off of rosy woodlice, while her ability to roll up into a ball comes from pillbugs.
  • While her spikes aren't sharp enough to break skin just from touching them, they will hurt if they run into you at high speeds.

Kale notes

I've had Farah for a week and if anything happens to her I'm killing everyone in this room and then myself.


Background image from Unsplash