Farah Said

Age 14
Pronouns She/her
Height 149cm
Species Isopod shifter
Birthday April 6
"Did you know there are over 10,000 identified species of isopods?"


Farah is a precocious and strong-willed teenager who's been dealt a pretty bad hand in life so far. Her parents died when she was 10, and her older brother, who became her guardian in the aftermath, went out to get food one evening and never returned.

It's been a few months since then, and she's been trying to find him while fending for herself. What she didn't plan on was passing out from hunger and dehydration in the middle of an unfamiliar city.

  • Drawing
  • Ice cream
  • Card and board games
  • Being talked down to
  • Early mornings
  • Scary movies


Farah is cheerful and sociable, with the ability to talk or charm her way out of most pickles she finds herself in. She's not above weaponizing her looks to take advantage of people's goodwill, but she's also very assertive and has little tolerance for verbal abuse or condescension. While she generally has strong moral convictions, she's had to bend her own rules for the sake of self-preservation. She usually tries to accomplish her goals in more roundabout ways, like manipulating people into sharing food with her instead of stealing it outright.

She's become very good at buttering up adults, but she finds it difficult to talk to kids her own age; she hasn't attended school since her parents died, and she and her brother moved around too much for her to develop any meaningful relationships. She claims she doesn't care what other people think about her, but she's extremely self-conscious in her interactions with other teenagers and craves external validation as much as any other 14 year old.

She insists on keeping herself busy, so she has a wide range of hobbies that she uses to fill her time, including art, playing games, browsing the internet, and watching movies. She's also taken her education upon herself and relied on libraries and the internet to learn new things, although her curriculum is a little (a lot) niche compared to a school's. Her studies are particularly entomology-heavy because she loves learning about bugs (even though she's already one herself).

She tries her best not to let her current circumstances get to her. She prides herself in her adaptability, but her persistence borders on stubbornness and can sometimes cause her to willfully deny reality even when presented with evidence to the contrary. This quality combined with her poor impulse control may lead her to dig herself deep into holes that she doesn't realize she's in until things go terribly wrong.

  • Optimistic
  • Curious
  • Persistent and adaptable
  • Stubborn
  • Impulsive
  • Emotionally volatile (she's 14)


  • Master forager - She can eat many poisonous plants and fungi without suffering any consequences.
  • Bug of steel - Her isopod form is nearly indestructible when curled into her defensive posture, and she can accelerate to pretty fast (30mph) speeds and hit things (or people).
  • Actually a crustacean - She can breathe underwater for about 10 minutes at a time despite lacking gills.


Strength - 1/6
Dexterity - 4/6
Constitution - 3/6
Intelligence - 5/6
Wisdom - 2/6
Charisma - 6/6


Burnt orange #c85618

Marigold, orange hawkweed


Freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies


  • She's good at card games, but she mostly likes seeing how much she can cheat without being caught.
  • She enjoys learning about stuff that other people would find gross, sad, or otherwise cursed. She enjoys inflicting people with this knowledge even more.
  • Her horns are a genetic quirk and not a normal part of her species.