Ian Morales
Eel monster
August 30

  • Reading
  • Night walks
  • Ransacking the pantry at 1am
  • Invasions of his privacy
  • Doctors
  • Carrots


Ian is a regular young man who is also a man-eating eel with legs. He doesn't have a stable job and has no desire to find one, as he prefers for as few entities to know of his existence as possible. He picks up whatever underground-paid-in-cash odd jobs he can get. He refuses to speak about his background and personal life in general.

He generally keeps to himself, but when he has to say more than a few words at a time, he is extremely blunt to the point of rudeness (and may throw in a gratuitous insult while he's at it). This isn't due to social ineptitude or difficulty expressing himself; he understands how relationships work perfectly well, but he wants absolutely no part in having them. Because of this, he has no problems cooperating with other people if it will help him get what he wants, but he'll rescind his cooperation as soon as he decides it's not worth the inconvenience.

Despite how easily annoyed he is, there are very few things that genuinely bother him, so most people won't get the displeasure of seeing him truly enraged. It rarely ends well for those who do, as he usually bites first and asks questions later. His eel form is known to eat people who anger him, but doing so leaves him stuck there until he digests them; this can be a giant pain in the ass, so he tries to avoid it if he has places to be. However, even in his human form, he's much stronger than he looks, and he can beat people much bigger than him into a bloody pulp out of spite.

His diet spans practically everything that he can chew and swallow. Besides people, his diet in eel form consists of large sea animals like sharks, big squids, and small whales, but he'll also take bites out of anything that looks interesting. Similarly, his meals in human form are generally meat scraps from the butcher or fish he's caught himself, all eaten raw because cooking is a waste of his time. On the rare occasions that he eats something that comes in a package, he'll eat the package with it. He also eats non-food items on their own out of boredom or curiosity. He owes his eating habits to the fact that he can eat virtually anything without adverse biological consequences.

He rejects a lot of human norms and has absolutely no desire to integrate himself with society. He doesn't really have any reason to, considering he can theoretically eat anyone who gives him a hard time about it.


  • People have very little nutritional value for him because of his size, nor are they very tasty. He eats them because he can.
  • His immunity to most toxins includes alcohol, so he can't get drunk.
  • His vision isn't great. He used to wear glasses as a kid, but he gets into so many shenanigans nowadays that he'd break them on a weekly basis.
  • He has Puerto Rican and Scottish ancestry on his father's side and Colombian ancestry on his mother's.


He likes to press her buttons, but he cares for her deeply (he'll never tell her that, though) and will do potentially extremely stupid things to protect her from harm.

Lysander respects Ian's boundaries enough for him to begrudingly tolerate him.

Ian will eat you if you expect him to talk about his father.

Design notes

Reference sheet
  • At the moment, I haven't formalized any of his scars outside of the one on his mouth.
  • His pupils dilate and contract depending on lighting and his emotional state.
  • He freckles instead of tanning evenly.
  • He's lanky but muscular. He doesn't work out, so he doesn't have a lot of muscle definition.
  • He has tapeta lucida. His pupils glow white when light is shined into them. (This applies to chomp noodle as well)
  • His phenotype is based off of fangtooth morays.
  • He's got a lot of teeth (2 rows minimum) with absolutely no logic to how they're arranged. Go nuts. They're visible even with his jaw closed.
  • If drawn with pupils, they're slit like they are in his human form. See this image.
  • For more information on his species as a whole, refer to the chomp noodle wiki page.

Kale notes

Ian has been floating around in my brain since 2010 or 2011. He's gone through a ton of drastic changes over time - he was supposed to be smart once, and now he's just a feral man who eats soap and granola bar wrappers (and we love him for it, against his will).


Background image from Unsplash