Name Ian Morales
Age 27
Pronouns He/him
Height 196cm
Species Eel shifter
Birthday August 30
Job Repairman

Ian is a young man who is also a man-eating eel with legs. His primary income comes from unlicensed and uninsured home repair jobs. He’ll also do other forms of manual labor or intimidation if he’s paid in cash.

He generally keeps to himself, but when he has to say more than a few words at a time, he’s rude at best and cruel at worst. His abrasiveness is entirely intentional, and he seems to take some sort of pleasure in the negative reactions he gets. He’s capable of working with people if it’ll get him what he wants, but he’ll quickly rescind his cooperation if he decides it’s not worth it. Despite his irritability, his buttons have to be pushed a lot for him to actually get angry.

While he possesses fairly average levels of impulse control, risk estimation, and common sense, he typically acts against his better judgement and gets himself into trouble. He tries to solve these problems through brute force, which generally creates its own set of problems in addition to the originals.

Likes and dislikes

  • Reading
  • Night walks
  • Ransacking the pantry at 1am
  • Invasions of his privacy
  • Taking orders
  • Being hungry


Color Mustard #a7882b

Flowers Golden thistle (Scolymus hispanicus), Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis), Sunflower (Helianthus annus)

Instrument Electric cello

Scent Saltwater

Weather Summer thunderstorms




  • He can eat practically anything with no adverse effects. He often eats raw meat, including the butcher paper, and he'll eat inedible items out of boredom or curiosity.
  • His endurance is inhuman; he can engage in strenous physical activity for an unusually long time and sustain injuries that would knock out, severely injure, or kill normal people. This applies double to his eel form.


  • His phone is a not-very-gently used Nokia from 2008.
  • He only cuts his hair when it's bothering him - if one piece of hair is annoying him, he'll cut just that piece and nothing else.
  • People have very little nutritional value for him because of his size, nor are they very tasty.
  • His immunity to most toxins includes alcohol, so he can't get drunk.
  • His vision is somewhat poor. He used to wear glasses, but he gets into so many shenanigans nowadays that he'd break them on a weekly basis.
  • He understands Spanish fairly well, but can no longer speak or write it outside of basic communication.