Name Lysander
Age 50?
Pronouns He/him
Height 162cm
Species Raven shifter
Birthday ???
Job Doctor

Lysander is a mysterious and wealthy black market doctor. It’s generally accepted that his name is an alias, and most people know better than to pry for his personal information.

He offers off-the-books medical care, minor surgeries, drugs, and even autopsies with no questions asked. His services are free to shifters; he subsidizes this by ludicrously overcharging his human patients. However, it’s said that most of his income comes from other less medically-pertinent jobs, allegedly including contract killing and organ sales. He neither confirms nor denies this.

While his patients agree that he is shockingly competent at his job, considering the usual quality of black market medicine, they usually find his bedside manner to be severely lacking. He’s polite and mild-mannered, but his sense of humor is intolerably dry and often borders on morbid, making him an exceptionally terrible conversation partner. For his part, he’s completely aware of the effect he has on people and doesn’t see any issues with it.

Likes and dislikes

  • Expensive hair care
  • Expensive liquor
  • Expensive ties
  • ???
  • ???
  • Being asked this question


Color Burgundy #600000

Flowers Anemone (Anemone sp), Spider lily (Lycoris radiata)

Instrument Pipe organ

Scent Formaldehyde masked by cologne

Weather Foggy autumn evenings




  • His manual dexterity is unmatched. It could be put to good use icing cakes.
  • He has excellent memory and can remember extremely minor details about his patients, which is equally impressive and unnerving.
  • He can shift individual parts of his body into bird form and even grow wings (though he chooses not to because it would ruin his clothes.)


  • He seldom goes out to eat, but when he does, he tips extravagantly (on the order of thousands, in unmarked $50 bills).
  • He occasionally talks about events that happened hundreds of years ago like he was there when they happened. It’s probably just another quirk of his.
  • He spends unspeakable amounts of money on personal care products.
  • He doesn't own a cell phone. There is one rotary phone in his office. He doesn't use computers, either.