June 23
Magazine writer

  • Coffee
  • Romcoms
  • Collecting records
  • Bad hair days
  • Bugs
  • Bitter food


Oberon looks like a very smart and serious person. He wants everyone to think he's a very smart and serious person, someone who only drinks black coffee and reads classical literature regularly. In reality, he can't take his coffee without almond milk, and his favorite genre is the romcom. He writes for a men's fashion and culture magazine, so it seems that he wants to keep up appearances.

He wants to be someone who always knows exactly what to say and how to say it. This is difficult because he needs to hype himself up before making phone calls, but he's decided that he'll fake it until he makes it. He's easily embarrassed and likes having control over his image; his worst nightmare is running into someone at the grocery store while he's wearing sweatpants and his hair isn't done. He slips up with his cool guy presentation sometimes and really beats himself up about it later, but in reality most people really don't care and some even find him more likeable when he's being genuine.

Although he values his looks, he's not a shallow person. He won't give unsolicited style advice, but if he's asked for help, he'll very enthusiastically offer his expertise.


  • His guilty pleasure coffee order is an almond milk latte with vanilla and caramel.
  • He is terrified of bugs to the point where he's virtually immobilized by fear until Babylon comes and takes the bug outside.
  • He has a record collection primarily composed of older jazz and funk.
  • He cries easily. The climax of any romantic movie will always get him, regardless of quality (or lack thereof).
  • He likes things that smell good, and he'll splurge quite a bit on things if he likes the scent enough.


Babylon is his roommate and best friend. Oberon likes his no-nonsense attitude and gets reality checks from him often, though he's in denial that his cool dude persona isn't as effective as he thinks it is. Babylon is one of the only people who's allowed to watch his movies with him (and thus see him turn into a sobbing puddle).

His coffee (and drinking) buddy, fashion consultant, and hype man.

Design notes

Kale notes

I got Oberon in a design trade a fair amount of time ago (design by CAST1EL, who has since deactivated, but I don't have any other URLs for them). I didn't do a whole lot with him for a while, but I came back to him recently and thought it would be fun to give him a human design and flesh him out substantially more.


Background image from Unsplash