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Touching grass and drawing trees

One of the few things I've managed to avoid dabbling in is ink drawing without drafting with a pencil underneath. The thought of putting ink on the page without a plan fills me with irrational dread (not least because I have aphantasia, which makes it basically impossible for me to conceptualize images from scratch without a lot of trial and error). However, plein air ink drawings seemed like an achievable task because I wouldn't have to pin all my hopes on my empty brain.

There's the complication of me never having much interest in plein air art before this, but that's never stopped me!

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WIP project blanket box

I found this prompt list on Pillowfort that I thought would be fun to do: Creative WIP Project Blanket Box. "Blanket Box" is a Pillowfort-specific term for this type of prompt list, but I admittedly don't use my Pillowfort account for much... so I'm setting up my blankets over here instead.

I was wanting to start dumping some of my OC content onto this blog anyway, so this seems like a perfect, completely inorganic way to do it. I have some preliminary information about this project on the Earth 2 page of my OC website. (If you're uninitiated, Earth 2 is my jokey name for the setting in addition to the temporary name for the project, which is still untitled.)

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Getting my doctorate in homemade pizza

I've had a fixation on making good pizza since the COVID lockdown. I, like many other people, decided that the best way to weather a pandemic was to bake bread, so I made a sourdough starter and quickly had to find ways to use up the discard. There are a lot of ways to do that — I've experimented with banana bread, pancakes, waffles, and cake, to name a few, but my favorite way to use it is pizza, because pizza is good.

I am now a real pizza connoisseur and can no longer deign to get takeout pizza because the homemade stuff is just so much better. But I'm also a generous pizza connoisseur, so here's what I've learned after obsessing over pizza for 4 years.

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