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The Platinum 3776 did my laundry and bought me lunch

I like Platinum pens. I have a few, and they've all been great and reliable and I use them very frequently. The greatest thing about them is that they can be had for under 20 US freedom dollars (about 7 bucks for the Platinum Preppy and 18 bucks for the Platinum Plaisir)!

Recently, I have come into possession of a Platinum 3776 Century, a pen that costs more than 10 times as much as the Plaisir: two hundred and eight (208) dollaroos before tax. You might be wondering how I got into this situation.

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Getting in the Zorn

I always mix my own paint colors as a rule — I've owned only cyan, magenta, and yellow (plus black and white) for years — but I've been really into nontraditional primaries lately. It's an interesting challenge that produces interesting paintings, and the Zorn palette is a particularly... limiting limited palette.

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The Lego bugs are my friends

I'm not an adult Lego connoisseur by any means, but I've received a handful of the adult/collector sets as gifts over the years. I like that they're relatively complex but still come together out of the box (as opposed to, say, Gunplas, where you need to spend some time disassembling the parts and sometimes fiddle with tight fits). I've done a few of the automobile models, which are super fun to build, but my favorite ones to display have been the realistic plant models.

You can only imagine how delighted I was to see that they released a collection of realistic insect models (a Chinese mantis, a Hercules beetle, and a Blue Morpho). I agonized over which one to buy first for months and finally marched into the store intending to buy the beetle... until I found out that all three came in a set. No agonizing necessary. So I ended up taking the whole set home with me (for $80, which isn't a bad deal at all for three figures).

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This season's hottest and most controversial ink

If you like fountain pens, you have definitely heard about LAMY Dark Lilac. If you don't like fountain pens, you might have heard about it anyway because somehow it ended up getting a story on the New York Times. Granted, the Times publishes many stories that hardly qualify as news or factual information, but regardless, "limited edition fountain pen ink controversy makes it onto national news publication" is not something I had on my 2024 Bingo card. The crux of the apparent "controversy" is this: company permanently rereleases 8-year-old limited edition ink color, but now the color is different.

As it happens, I bought a bottle of Dark Lilac 2: Electric Boogaloo, so now we get some unsolicited commentary about both the ink and the circumstances surrounding its release.

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Squeezing paint into a mint tin, for art

I've had tiny palettes on the brain lately. I think it's one of those things where I swear I'm going to do [x] (paint) more because I have [y] (a tiny paint palette). I thought really hard about getting a fancy small wooden palette (as seen in this tiny palette mega review by Leslie Stroz), but decided against it in favor of engineering one out of a mint tin.

I love putting random shit in mint tins. I already keep my small cross stitching projects in one (you would be shocked at the amount of embroidery floss you can stuff into one Altoids tin), so I might as well keep the ball rolling.

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