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Lots of exciting stuff as we head into the back half of the summer! The most exciting addition is comments, which I finally got off my ass to implement. I've also completed a move and general life reshuffle, so I'm hoping to get more writing done than just newsletters.

New on the website

Just in case you forgot: Comments! They exist! At the moment, you can comment on blog posts. I'm working on getting the system working for the art gallery. Anyway, you can marvel at how cool the comments are by leaving one on this post or any of your favorite deep cuts from the past.

Speaking of the art gallery, I'm finally piloting the revamped version with a few samples (more on those later) to show that it does work as intended. I'm currently deciding whether I want to split things up like I did before or if I should just dump everything on one page and be done with it.

On the topic of subsites, I made a responsive web directory that I'll promote here. If you have a mobile-friendly/responsive website, I want you!!! I also redid the Arknights website pretty substantially, and it's now called Polymerization Preparation in my attempt to channel the 00s fansite cringe.

If you're on a phone, you may notice that both of those websites have cool hamburger menus, which are so cool and proprietary that I published the code as a code snippet. (If you're not on a phone, resize your window to look at them. They're very cool! And modern!) There are two other code snippets that went out this month: flex columns and CSS tape, the effect I use on the layout as of the publication of this article. Finally, I made a classless CSS style because I was getting tired of typing the same base styling constantly.

I also opened two new fanlistings - Blunt Tail (Amblypygi) and Turtles All the Way Down (Torterra).

The last update is either major or minor depending on how much you care - I turned the documentation into an FAQ of sorts to make it a bit easier to sift through.

To-do list

Finish up adding the rest of the gallery, possibly make it look nicer, and get those comments in!

I'm on the fence about recoding the guestbook on my own just to say I did it. It would be a fun flex, but not the most efficient use of my time. On the other hand, I know the spam protection on the guestbook is a little overzealous, so maybe I should just redo it. We'll see!

I've been wanting to reimplement the styleswitcher since the redesign, so maybe this will happen next month if I can come up with alternate styles I like.

As mentioned at the beginning, I want to get some more shit on the blog soon enough. I have some ideas. I'm saying this to see if I can hold myself accountable.

New in real life

Art Fight was fun (although the current state of the website is an absolute clusterfuck right now). I didn't get to draw as much as I was hoping because the second half of this month was a whirlwind of events, but I'm happy with what I did manage to put out! And so I will use this as an excuse to demo the new art gallery formatting. Click on the images to go to their individual pages and read the image descriptions.

And then! I will also use this to show off the art that I received, because it was all very lovely and wonderful and nice and I will cherish it forever. These also link to their image descriptions.

Last month was pretty wild and wacky for me (moving, new job, the works), but it's all starting to stabilize now, so hopefully next month I can come back and say I started learning interpretive dance or something.

Recommendation corner

I really can't think of much to put here this time except for this Otamatone video.

See you next month!