Going nuclear

I've been in something of a creative hole for the past few weeks. I was generally pretty unsatisfied with the website for reasons I couldn't really place, which culminated in me Marie Kondo-ing the place in an attempt to remedy that.

You may notice the new design is a substantial departure from its predecessors! I've taken to calling it the juice cleanse edition. My goal was to make the content the focus of the website and improve load times without teetering too far into brutalism. I liked the old design, but it didn't mesh with text-based content as well as I wanted it to.

The new design is lightly influenced by print newspapers. I'd originally set out to use a color scheme similar to the one I have on my terminal. Alas, I couldn't find a way to make that many colors look nice together, so we're back to old reliable (green and beige). I did the 1-column layout primarily to refresh the look after having the fixed sidebar for 2 designs in a row, but I also just find that it flows better this way.

I also reorganized the page/directory structure. Now the big stuff and fluff pages are separate! There are fewer "important" pages than there are fluff pages, so they were getting to look lopsided stuffed into one list. I also gave the blog a dedicated menu link.

The blog was (still is) the biggest source of discontent for me, so I'm hoping that spotlighting it more will force me to treat it better. I'm not happy with how infrequently it gets updated, and it's not for want of ideas. I've pigeonholed myself into feeling like my posts need to be Well-Written ContentTM, which has sent me into a strange perfectionistic spiral where virtually nothing survives to publication. I've even found myself in this situation with the microblog, which was specifically supposed to be Not Content. Nothing here is supposed to be Content! It's supposed to be stupid bullshit!

My goal is to start using the blog more liberally, with a wider breadth of topics than 90% internet meta. I had thought about making a separate art blog, but I'd rather have a diversified and messy(-ish) blog that updates somewhat frequently instead of a bunch of fragmented, perfectly-compartmentalized blogs that update once every epoch. This means I'll need to revamp the category organization system at some point.

...But that all will come next year because I'm going to be out of the country for 2 weeks, so this is it for updates until January. I'll be combining the November and December newsletters in light of this. (Seriously, maybe I should just make them bimonthly permanently.)