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The first month of the year brought many exciting updates in this neck of the woods, featuring such exciting things as me actually writing blog posts, my zine actually being successful, and more!

New on the website

The much-anticipated first issue of Salad Magazine came out in the middle of the month, and it is fabulous. I honestly thought it would be me and maybe two other people for this one, so imagine my surprise when we ended up with seven (7) entries! Go marvel at the great work everyone did and maybe possibly consider submitting yourself for the next issue. The deadline is at the start of April... you have time... you want to submit something...

I've been doing my darndest to write more on the blog, as I mentioned in the end of 2023 newsletter. This month, I managed to put out 2 new posts: one about a pen and one about my newfound Traveler's Notebook hobby.

Two new pages this month, no-skips and the toybox! Both are fluff pages at their most fluffy, but that's what makes these sorts of websites fun. The toybox page was made almost entirely because of Goblincat's adorable unicorn generator, which I spent an inordinately long time refreshing.

I also added a random page link to facilitate the browsing of this website. Maybe you'll get a good page. Maybe you'll get a page and be confused as to why I haven't deleted it yet. Who knows!

Finally, I finished up my Pikmin series fanlisting. Please clap.

To-do list

I still need to fix my blog organization system. I'm deciding if I want to add tags and use them in conjunction with the categories or nuke the categories completely. Decisions!

I have finished the basic functionality of the webring script I proposed, so I just need to clean it up before I can release it.

I need to extend my character page template revamp to the good people of SNAC, who are dealing with some pretty busted looking pages right now. Apologies.

And, of course, would it be a to-do list without me promising I'm going to finish adding and captioning the rest of my art?

New in real life

This month was not particularly interesting for me, but I started another master's degree (in education this time) because I decided I want to add to my hoard of expensive pieces of paper. I also started a new volunteer gig, which has been a fun way for me to get the fuck out of the house!

I learned to bookbind and started a bullet journal, as outlined in the Traveler's Notebook blog post. I find bookbinding to be an incredibly satisfying hobby and am currently looking for excuse to make books, despite not really having made a dent in the ones I already have. Also, I've surprised myself by managing to commit to the whole bullet journal mindfulness thing! I'm pretty sure the pen-and-paper format has been helpful for forcing me to stick to it because I'm confronted with my progress every time I open the book.

Recommendation corner

I've been absorbing Baldur's Gate 3 content by active diffusion (read: watching videos of every possible dialogue scene). From what I've seen, the devs have taken a lot of care to make a realistic tabletop gaming experience packaged inside a video game, which is great. I'll just continue treating it like a visual novel because my computer would light on fire trying to run it, and I'm just not very good at games!

Here's the music:

Up next: A month that is one day longer than it usually is. See you then!