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February was fairly light for Content because I had a whopper of a month in my personal and professional (mostly professional) life. But I'm alive!

New on the website

I added a tag system to the blog. For now, it's going to coexist with the categories while I feel out how much I like having both at the same time.

Basically the only other things of note are two new blog posts, one about my art supply cart and one about digitizing records. Besides that, I've been trying to be more active on Hotel Kalefornia, so there's some junk you can read there if you like junk.

Also, don't forget to check out Salad Magazine and submit something for issue 2! It will be fun! Submissions are due April 1.

To-do list

Lots of things! I'm going to temporarily stop itemizing my to-do list because there's a lot of stuff that needs tinkering and it's just not going to get done for a while.

New in real life

I got moved around at my job for Emergency Reasons, which means I have a shitload of work to catch up on in addition to the stuff I was already doing for my M.Ed and have no energy (the primary reason for me being sort of AWOL here). 10 hour workdays are fun!! Yay! This will probably continue until at least the end of this month. But I persist!

One exciting thing that happened this month: I found a ton of files from pre-2014 that I thought I had lost forever, so I'd like to find a way to start archiving those here sometime.

Most of the stuff I've been doing in my free time has been craft projects and other offline activities because I find those to be much more effective for unwinding than staring at a screen for the duration of the evening. I'll document some of those in more blog posts eventually.

Recommendation corner

An article I read and enjoyed this month was Dear Olivia Rodrigo: Ignore the internet. “Originality” is overrated because it expresses a lot of my thoughts on IP and derivative creative work much more intelligently than I ever could.

I also tried out this easy scallion pancake recipe from Woks of Life. I had tried making my own pancakes from scratch a while ago and it was an oddly laborious endeavor, so I decided to tap out and try this recipe, which uses dumpling wrappers instead of homemade dough. It's so much faster, and the dumpling wrappers give you a much thinner and crisper pancake. I'm sold!

Here's some music per usual, chosen because February is indeed over:

See you on the flip side (of March)!