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Fuck DRM, save money: Digitizing records

I like collecting records, but not really for the reasons most people collect records. Sure, engraving music into a piece of plastic adds a lot of character to it and it's fun to listen to, but I mostly just like being able to spend $5 on a new album because a lot of the music I like is old shit nobody cares about. It's mostly an economic consideration that happens to make me seem like a pretentious nerd (which I sort of am, anyway).

Being able to get new music for $5 is great, except you can't do anything with the new cheap music outside of a turntable setup. Except... you can! It's easy to rip records onto digital files, which means you can avoid wasting money on the same album in multiple formats (thus reinforcing the economic argument for buying music on plastic, if you're me). Annoying audiophile vinyl devotees will tell you converting analog audio to digital is sacrilege. Fuck 'em.

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Improving my life by putting things on a metal cart

A few years ago, I got one of those carts everyone and their mom seems to have. I don't use it as a cart 99% of the time, but it's easier to move around than a shelf if I do need to move it. I recently got the impulse to consolidate most of my art supplies onto it for easy access, so I am here to share the results of that organization with you, the audience.

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A cheapskate's Traveler's Notebook setup

I bought a Traveler's Notebook cover last year, mainly because they released an olive edition and I'm me, but I also liked the idea of a modular notebook. I continued liking the idea and doing absolutely nothing else with it for 6 months. But now I've gotten off my ass and started using the damn thing for real! And definitely not in the way the company wants you to use it!

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The Sailor Compass 1911 is interesting

I got the Sailor Compass 1911 as a Christmas gift. This pen has been on my wishlist for a while because I love the look of it, not least because it's just really hard to find this shade of green! Most green pens can be categorized as Nickelodeon slime green or inoffensive emerald. I like Nickelodeon slime green as much as the next person, but I prefer my green in shades comparable to swamp algae, split pea soup, barf, etc.

While the design of the pen is one of my favorites, the pen itself is... not. Fortunately, a little bit of tweaking has made it serviceable.

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Going nuclear

I've been in something of a creative hole for the past few weeks. I was generally pretty unsatisfied with the website for reasons I couldn't really place, which culminated in me Marie Kondo-ing the place in an attempt to remedy that.

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