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This is what I get for shilling a product

You were my brother, Clip Studio Paint! I loved you!

On August 21, 2022, Celsys announced that the next iteration of the software is moving to a subscription model. Furthermore, they chose to outdo themselves by making their subscription model unnecessarily convoluted and frustrating. I will attempt to explain it in a more comprehensible way here.

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Destroying pins to make needleminders

I got into embroidery fairly recently and was quickly bombarded by articles telling me I need a needleminder, a decorative magnet that you attach to the fabric and stick your needles on. I thought they were cute and handy but ultimately an unnecessary expense. But it occurred to me that a lot of needleminders are just the front part of an enamel pin. In theory, one should be able to rip the pin part of the pin off and glue a magnet to it. I gave it a try with an unused pin I had lying around, and it turns out you can (with a few possible caveats)!

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Inaccessibility isn't cute

I've noticed a recurring theme on customizable webpages (Neocities, Carrd, Tumblr, whatever) in recent history that frustrates the hell out of me: unreadable and visually inaccessible web design under the pretense of "retro aesthetics." This includes but is not limited to unreasonably tiny font, low-contrast font-on-background color combinations, flashing GIFs everywhere, unnecessarily busy and distracting background images, confusing image-based navigation with no labels, and so on. You've probably seen one of these websites. Or maybe you're a fan of this particular look and you're getting ready to egg my house, but hear me out before buying those eggs!

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Pecan pie brownies

I made these brownies last week. It was a journey filled with many trials and tribulations and I ended up having to make them twice, but at the end of it I had some damn good brownies.

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