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Rhythm gacha games are boring

Rhythm gacha games are a staple in the mobile game landscape nowadays, especially in the East Asian sphere. If a game can overcome the market saturation, it'll make a shitload of money. If it isn't based on an established IP, it might even get enough fans and revenue to support spinoff endeavors like concerts and anime. It's not hard to see why rhythm gachas have taken off to the degree that they have, given that they've married two wildly successful game formats into an endless engagement-farming, money-making machine.

... And despite all that, they're intolerably boring.

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Kale goes to Gemspace

I've been waffling on starting a microblog/journal for an unreasonable amount of time now, but I'm giving in because I've accidentally turned this blog into a space for Writing That I Put Effort Into (I hesitate to call it Good because good would be doing a lot of work in that sentence). Said microblog is tentatively called Hotel Kalefornia. You can find it at in both the HTTP and Gemini protocols. I'll mainly be using it for personal stuff and other word barf that I didn't research or proofread. Some of them may end up worming their way over here once I have time to refine them, but some will be condemned to stay in Hotel Kalefornia forever.

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Your website needs to work on phones

All the "old web revival" and "nostalgia" rhetoric that's prevalent in the small web world these days has come with a healthy dose of not giving a shit about responsiveness or, at minimum, making sure your website is functional on all screen sizes. People in the 90s and 00s didn't have to design for phones, so why should I? Phones are evil! I hate phones!

Regardless of how you feel about smartphones, they're not going anywhere. Sticking your fingers in your ears and pretending we live in the pre-smartphone era is futile. Get over yourself and accept that your website needs to work on phones.

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This is what I get for shilling a product

You were my brother, Clip Studio Paint! I loved you!

On August 21, 2022, Celsys announced that the next iteration of the software is moving to a subscription model. Furthermore, they chose to outdo themselves by making their subscription model unnecessarily convoluted and frustrating. I will attempt to explain it in a more comprehensible way here.

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