I design with an accessibility-first approach whenever possible. I do my best to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at the AA/AAA level. Feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions for improvement!

Main points

  • Works on any screen resolution (including mobile and when zoomed in and out) and any modern browser
  • Entirely navigable via keyboard and/or screen reader
  • Doesn't use Javascript

Additional stuff

  • Page colors will automatically switch between light and dark mode depending on device settings.
  • Pages should work in browser reader mode, but there is no standard for reader mode implementation, so some things might not behave as expected. For transparency, I test reader mode on Firefox and mobile Safari. If you use a different browser and something turns up weird, let me know and I'll look into it.
  • I don't use animated GIFs outside of a small number of buttons on the links page. If a button can be converted to a static image, I use the static version.
  • I compress images as much as possible to reduce loading times.
  • I've been piloting my own image gallery format (Building a better image gallery) that can be seen anywhere I have an image gallery, so feedback on that is welcome!