About comments

You can comment on blog posts and art using a kinda janky commenting platform I have built myself.


I'm not interested in being a stickler here, but this is my car website and I can pick the music commenting rules, so here we are.

  1. Please be chill and nice to people. Constructive discussion and disagreements are fine and good (and I'm certainly not a bastion of unconditional positivity), but don't be an asshole about it and definitely don't harass other people.
  2. Bigotry and right-wing ideology aren't welcome here. I obviously can't stop you from being here if you hold these beliefs, but I will not approve your comment if you try to bring that here and may IP ban you if you keep doing it. (Yes, this includes transphobia and yes, I wasn't born yesterday and will know if you're using dogwhistles.)
  3. Don't self-promote unless it's pertinent to the topic of discussion. The website field is there for a reason, and I encourage its use.
    • I reserve the right to remove website links if your website is severely inaccessible or contains stuff like hate speech (see above). Yes, this means I'm the arbiter of what constitutes hate speech. Considering this is my website and I am essentially offering you free advertising this way, I think this is fair. If you find this outrageous or offensive, I hope you stay mad about it.
  4. The content on this website is appropriate for older teens and up, so comments are subject to the same constraint. Colorful language is fine, but everything should be safe for work.
  5. In the context of my art, I'm not interested in unsolicited criticism regardless of how constructive it is.