This website, its subsites, and all the source code shared on it (code projects, code snippets, and layouts) are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). I'm operating under the most current version of the license, which is v3 as of now.

The GNU GPL is a copyleft license. It uses the framework of copyright to enforce that all users get free access to software (in this case, website source code).

"The GNU GPL does not restrict what people do in software; it just stops them from restricting others."

What you can do

You can do... whatever you want! The GNU GPL allows you to use my code for any purpose, study it, modify it in whatever way that suits your needs, and redistribute or sell it (whether in its original or modified form). You don't need my permission to do this.

Here are some examples of things that you can do:

  • Copy my entire website and upload it somewhere else (why you would want to do this is beyond me, but you can!)
  • Modify my free code for personal use
  • Modify my free code and redistribute it on your website
  • Modify my free code and sell it
  • Redistribute my free code as-is on your website
  • Fork my code on Github
  • Use a few lines of code in another project
  • Use my code as a guide for your own

Terms of use

I can't stop you from using my stuff on websites containing hate speech or other related bullshit, but be aware that I'm judging you, and I encourage anyone who sees my code being used for such purposes to judge as well.

Besides that: This isn't explicitly spelled out in the GNU GPL, but please don't claim my code as your "property" even if you're only using it privately. I'm using the GNU GPL specifically because I don't believe in intellectual property. If you're uncomfortable with your code being copied and want to ask people not to do so, I suggest you look elsewhere.

If you're using my code for private use, you're not under any obligation to publish your source code, but you should be okay with the fact that people are going to look at it and potentially use parts of it. Attribution is appreciated but optional. That being said, if someone asks you where you got your code, please direct them back here. I don't really care about recognition, but I do care about my resources being widely accessible.

If you redistribute my code, you need to give people the same freedoms that I'm giving you under the GNU GPL (including giving them a copy of the license text). You also need to tell people where they can get the original code. Again, this is for accessibility and not because I care about attribution.

If you use a chunk of code that makes up a tiny piece of a bigger project, none of this applies because you're not really modifying "my" code anymore. Do whatever you want.

A bonus

If you're feeling so inclined, show me what you've done with my code! I would love to link to forks that people have made.