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This is an archive of every update log entry the website has had. Links that don't exist anymore will be replaced with strikethrough text. Note that older updates were pretty terse...

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2024 updates

2024-05-26 » Newsletters are back and better than ever! They have their own RSS feed, so you'll have to subscribe to that feed separately if you want to see them for some reason.

2024-04-27 » Slowly working on tidying up some URLs. Blog categories and tags look cleaner now!

2024-04-15 » Salad Magazine issue 2 is now live!

2024-01-31 » Added the Toybox page so I can actually display my pixel hoard.

2024-01-29 » There is now a random page function. Have fun!

2024-01-20 » I made the no-skip page so I can annoyingly talk at length about music.

2024-01-15 » Not an update for this particular website, but Salad Magazine issue 1 is live! Go look at it!

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