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This is an archive of every update log entry the website has had. Links that don't exist anymore will be replaced with strikethrough text. Note that older updates were pretty terse...

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2023 updates

2023-12-14 » I can't believe it's another page redesign! And I restructured everything. Whoops.

2023-11-26 » Updated the web host list with another option, Uber Space.

2023-11-23 » I added a section for my hardware and software specs on the documentation page and condensed the FAQ to avoid redundancy.

2023-11-22 » I finally finished revamping all existing free layouts with better accessibility features (skip to content button, better font sizing, the works)!

2023-11-21 » Refreshed Odonata with a new layout and improved accessibility features.

2023-11-12 » Behind the scenes update: refactored all the blog and comment code to use PDO. In front of the scenes update: the art gallery now supports comments!

2023-11-04 » This website and all the resources on it now have a license slapped on them, which you can read about on the license page.

2023-10-23 » I gave the Responsive Web Directory a re-code, and now the directory management script is available for public use.

2023-10-01 » Archives are good, so now there are two of them: the layout archive and update archive. I also updated the about page to reflect this.

2023-09-30 » I have enough pens that I figured I should just make a page for them: pen reviews.

2023-09-25 » Released code for the guestbook. Finally, a guestbook script that isn't 10 years old!

2023-09-23 » Added Listfauxgraphy source code and a new layout, Totally Tabular. I've also begun updating the older layouts with better styling, semantics, and accessibility features.

2023-09-04 » There is now a page for code projects, along with the first project: a static gallery generator! I've also added a bunch of new links, along with brief descriptions. There are descriptions on the stuff page as well.

2023-08-27 » The styleswitcher is back at it again! You may have to refresh your cache for things to display properly.

2023-08-20 » More code snippets: Skip to content button and easy light/dark mode

2023-08-10 » The guestbook got redone for possibly the billionth time and now it runs on the same framework as the comments. Hopefully this will be the last major redo!

2023-08-05 » Comments!!! I made them! You can comment on blog posts and, eventually, things in the art gallery.

2023-07-28 » I made a responsive web directory - you should join! Also, three (3) new code snippets: accessible hamburger menus, flex columns, and CSS tape.

2023-07-14 » I added a new layout (kind of): the classless CSS template! Also made some pretty major modifications to the documentation (now in question-answer format).

2023-07-05 » Completely redesigned and renamed the Arknights website, Polymerization Preparation.

2023-06-16 » Happy Pride! I put together a new special edition layout collection along with flag stripe CSS code snippets.

2023-06-10 » Website redesign! Now Kalechips comes with lots of modernity, including a new very modern logo.

2023-06-03 » Added a tea blend page to the character website. Expect more! I'm still workshopping some other ones (SNAC included).

2023-04-16 » Added petsite page

2023-04-08 » Added documentation page

2023-03-20 » Happy spring equinox! The default site style is now spring-themed!

2023-03-04 » Character website revamp

2023-02-26 » UTAU website is live

2023-02-22 » Added web host list

2023-02-21 » Fancy new body font!

2023-01-29 » New guestbook

2023-01-22 » Began overhaul of character pages

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