A list of things that I... uh... use. This is by no means exhaustive because, frankly, I don't think you care about what brand of phone case or desk or chair or whatever that I use. I tried to limit the information here to the actually interesting stuff.


I don't really care about hardware as long as it does what I need it to do (which isn't much since I don't really play games or do any other intensive computing.)

I have 2 laptops, a "home" laptop that I use like a desktop and an "away" laptop that I actually use like a laptop (i.e. on the couch). I've always wanted to build a computer, but I strongly believe in using my tech until the end of its life, so that will wait until my older computer kicks the bucket (whenever that is).

  • Computer 1 is a 2018 Lenovo laptop (don't buy these laptops) running Windows 10. The keyboard is starting to fail, so it's hooked up to a docking station and a bunch of peripherals (keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers).
  • Computer 2 is a 2022 Acer laptop running Linux Mint Cinnamon.

All of the peripherals I use are basic decade(+) old office supply stuff. Also, I have a 1TB external hard drive for backing stuff up with.

In the way of mobile computing, I have an iPhone SE and an iPad Pro that are both 3-4 years old.


  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox
  • Text editors:
    • On Windows, I use Notepad++.
    • On Linux, I use Geany. (I used to use VS Codium, a clone of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code without all the junk (telemetry, tracking, etc), but it has too much stuff for my liking.)
    • Also, I use Overleaf for Tex documents instead of compiling locally because it's easy and portable.
  • Images
    • I use a super extra legal copy of Photoshop CS6 for graphics editing.
    • I use Caesium for image processing (compression and thumbnails).
  • Notes
    • I used to use Notion for planning but have since switched over to pen and paper. I still use it for some digital notetaking purposes, and I like the offbrand Pinterest feature.
    • I use CollaNote for handwritten digital notes and PDF annotation. It has some optional paid features, but the free version is full-featured, unlike virtually every other app.
  • Audio editing: Audacity because I am a filthy casual


  • Hosting: I use Teacake because it's affordable, and I wanted to support a hobbyist-owned hosting service in a time when those are rapidly diminishing.
  • Domain: Porkbun
  • File management: I move files around using a private Git repository. The repository will probably never see the light of day (sorry if you're nosy!).

Other shit

  • Art
    • Daily driver paints: Holbein artist's gouache in Primary Magenta/Cyan/Yellow, W&N designer's gouache in Permanent White
    • Brushes: 1" wash, 8 flat, 4 Filbert and 00 round
    • Fountain pen: Sailor Compass 1911 with Sailor Black ink
    • Dip pen: Brause 512 with Dr. Ph. Martin India ink
    • Everything else is unremarkable cheap art supply store stuff
    • Digital art: Clip Studio Paint on iPad with Apple Pencil
  • Stationery
  • Music-listening
    • Turntable: Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB, which I also use to digitize records.
    • Portable music player: iPod classic 6th generation, the only reason I bother with iTunes anymore.
  • Tea: Happy Lucky peach cobbler black is the greatest tea of all time. If they stop making it I will die.