Curi's webpage

Curi is my friend with whom I share my one braincell. They've helped me workshop a lot of things with regards to my characters and worldbuilding, in addition to focus grouping some stuff on the website itself.

They understandably don't have a public internet presence anymore, so I made this page for occasions where I'm required to provide a link to prove they exist.

Curi is a saxophone-playing caterpillar in real life.

Saxophone emojiCaterpillar emoji


"a trans man.......tis"

"come to curi's house there's a scary room in tbe basement filled with turnips"

"i didn't mean to end up with five sons but life has a funny way of surprising you huh"

"he looks gay and is gay"

"he's one of them he/they catboys now"

Image description: Curi's favorite reaction image. An Amazon listing for a green plastic finger toy with googly eyes whose title is a keysmash that goes on for 20 lines.


Notably, Curi has drawn many things for me. I cry every time. (Click the images for image descriptions)

Farah looking up from under an umbrella Chibi art of Ian and Farah Ian and Farah sleeping in animal form

And they draw other things!

Image description: A painting of Mlynar Nearl from Arknights. It's strongly lit, with bright light shining from a window onto his face. His expression is neutral, which for him means he looks mildly annoyed.

Image description: A painting of Thorns from Arknights. He's wearing a purple shirt under a white jacket, which is falling off his shoulders, and grey pants. He's holding onto the strap of a black crossbody bag. His other hand is in his pocket. There's a disinterested look on his face.