The Salad Bar

The Salad Bar is a Discord server I made. It's a chill environment for adults over the age of 20 to talk about art, original characters, and any other fun stuff that comes up. The hope is that we can all make new friends this way, because making friends as an adult is hard. The word "art" in this context encompasses visual art, writing, crafts, games, music, and whatever else people are making.

I made this landing page so you can get a general idea of what the server is about (what flies, what doesn't) without having to join it. Or, if you're sold already, you can...

Join the server

(P.S. There are no automated messages announcing when people join because those fill me with dread.)

Who can join

The only hard rule is that you need to be at least 20 years old. You don't need to be an art-doer or writing-doer or OC-haver as long as you like to look at and talk about those things (since it's the Grand Unifying Server Topic and all). If you are an art-doer, you're under no obligation to post your own work.

Server structure

There are channels for general art talk, galleries, and WIP updates as well as OC and worldbuilding discussion. There's also a channel for website discussion and help, and a channel for general/off-topic discussion so people can bond over stuff that isn't art-related. Currently, there are no voice channels for privacy reasons, but that may or may not change as the server evolves.

This is essentially a big-ish structured group chat (or maybe not so big depending on your experience) - there are no big coordinated things like events or anything that pressures you to be active in general. Drop in as you please! It's fine if you want to lurk for a while before saying anything.

Server rules

The short version

Explicit sexual content and gore aren't allowed, but there is a dedicated channel for milder NSFW content. NSFW content is required to be spoilered with content warnings to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

The aim here is to keep everything friendly and laid-back so people are comfortable sharing their work (e.g. no unsolicited criticism). I don't tolerate bigotry of any flavor.

Full rules

Server etiquette

  • This server is for people who are >=20 years old. Sexual content is allowed here, and I don't feel comfortable with teenagers participating even if they're 18 or 19.
  • Please be chill and keep things positive. Polite disagreement is fine, heated arguments and harassment are not. Also don't talk/gossip about people who aren't in the server.
  • Don't offer criticism unless someone asks for it, and be constructive if they do.
  • Bigotry isn't welcome here. I err on the side of good faith, but I'm a person of color under the LGBT umbrella and will prioritize the safety of other people in marginalized groups.
  • Please avoid using slurs (even if you can reclaim them).

NSFW content policies

  • "NSFW" refers to content that you wouldn't want a coworker to see. This mainly includes sexual content and gore.
  • Explicit/graphic content (text or images) isn't allowed. Nothing wrong with it - I just don't want to moderate it. This includes porn and extreme violence/gore (innards where they shouldn't be, extreme body horror, etc).
  • NSFW images must be spoilered with content advisories. Something like "spoilered for nudity" is fine. Text can be spoilered at your discretion, but as of now there are no hard guidelines.
  • Non-sexual nudity and light "gore" like bloodstains, bruises, and cuts are ok in the SFW channels with spoilers.
  • Sexual content of minors isn't allowed.

Additional policies

  • Since art is a focus of this server: AI art is a complex and loaded topic with no right answers. Please refrain from starting or participating in these discussions if you don't think you can do so constructively and with an open mind (especially if you fall on either extreme of the AI opinion spectrum)